Youth Street Art Workshop w/ Ashley Hodder

Youth Street Art Workshop w/ Ashley Hodder

Talleres jueves! ¡Eventos especiales solo para adolescentes ! ¡Participa en cada uno para desarrollar tu estilo!

9 Abril 4–6pm
Formas Brillantes con Ashley Hodder
Millvale Community Library
213 Grant Ave Millvale, PA, 15209

Free workshop for Youth age 8+

In this workshop, Youth will break down the barriers of a square canvas with bursts of color and form using sugar-based spray paint . Working alongside Local Pittsburgh mural artist, Ashley Hodder will introduce color theory to build layers of color and show you how to control a spray can for broad lines. Each youth will have four canvases 8” x 8” squares, as take homes and one will be on display as an interactive “pixeled” or “puzzled” together mural during the HCUAP Pop Up Gallery Show on May 1st!

*we will have masks and gloves available for all participants- more info on low pressure sugar spray: