Oreen Cohen



Texture, move­ment, mate­rial and process are key elements of my artwork. I attempt to bring viewers closer to the visceral or essen­tial qual­i­ties of mate­rial and sites. I labor using my body and its pres­ence as a tool to unlock the poten­tial of mate­rial and self. I extend myself in the mediums of large-scale sculp­ture, painting, drawing, site specific instal­la­tion, public art, inter­ven­tion, video and perfor­mance. Often the public is invited to join in the process magnify the theatres of action, engrossing partic­i­pants in a spec­tacle of a mythic, often post-indus­trial narratives.


Exam­ples of projects include: baking 5,000 bread bricks to recon­structing build­ings on the to be demol­ished list, directing parades with golden caskets filled with 200 lbs. of sunflower seeds in the middle of winter, and creating a quilt of aluminum rubbings taken from 400 build­ings around Pitts­burgh only to be destroyed in a one night dance perfor­mance.  For me, the process of making is more impor­tant than final object. My approach thrives on resource­ful­ness and the discovery of inten­tion while building that initi­ates the creative exchange between myself and the context. In the studio, class­room or with commu­ni­ties I advo­cate there are no mistakes in art, only oppor­tu­nity in the moment.